Rapstrap Tree Ties

elasticated with stem guard

How It Works

Our rapstrap Tree Ties are designed to securely hold newly planted trees whilst they establish an adequate root-ball. Unlike traditional tree ties, rapstraps provide greater elasticity and allow more room for stems to grow without constriction. They also permit trees to move more freely in the wind, an important consideration for strengthening the stem.

As a result, our patented Tree Ties are less likely to need regular adjustment compared to traditional buckle ties.

We are now also able to offer these products in a custom biodegradable elastomer.

Installation Tips

Ties should be fitted near the top of a suitable stake, with the stake reaching about 1/3 of the way up the tree stem. It is recommended practice to erect the stake first, and then position the tree about 2 inches (50mm) away from it, ideally on the downwind side. (This reduces the likelihood of the tree being blown against the stake.)

Our semi-elasticated tree ties can be fitted in a "figure-8" style (see picture), with the band portion looped around the tree stem. To allow room for growth and movement, do not pull the remaining strap too tight.

Alternatively, a standard spacing collar or cushioning block may be inserted between the tree and the stake. Our ties are designed to fit most standard cushions, collars and spacers with 1 inch (25mm) slots. (We also offer eco-friendly pine spacers for use with the biodegradable version of this product.)

To prevent slippage after installation, tree ties should always be firmly secured to the stake with suitable screws or nails; Our ties have a series of holes along the centreline for this purpose.

Should later adjustment be required, rapstrap Tree Ties can be released and removed in same way as the Classic 1030 straps.

Rapstrap expanding tree ties