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rapstrap alternatives to conventional cable ties

rapstrap Classic cable tie strips



The original rapstrap with external latching. Allows for repeat tying without the waste. Made in UK from a soft & flexible polyurethane elastomer.

rapstrap i-Tie cable tie strips


quick release

Fully reusable slimline design with internal latching. Ideal for temporary or quick-release applications. Available in a range of semi-elasticated polyurethanes.

rapstrap biodegradable polycaprolactone cable ties

PCL Cable Ties


Traditional cable tie optimised for polycaprolactone. This material is consumed by microbes at ambient tempertures and does not require hot composting.

low maintenance self-releasing tree ties

Tree Ties

low maintenance

Adjustable heavy duty rapstraps for tree planting. Semi-elasticated to promote stem strengthening. Standard or "fit & forget" self-releasing versions.