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2017-05 : Upcoming LTspice Workshop

Our new Clarke metal wokring latheThe easiest way to explore the world of electronics!

Developed by Linear Technology Corporation and Berkeley University, LTspice is an amazingly powerful simulation package that lets you quickly design and analyse electronic circuits in seconds.

Supplied with thousands of components, it's a virtual breadboard, power supply, function generator, multimeter, oscilloscope and spectrum analyser all-in-one!

It runs on almost any computer and the full version costs absolutely nothing to download.

If you want to learn what it can do - and how to make it do it - come along to our workshop and we'll get you started.

(Dates and times coming soon.)


2017-03 : New (old!) Metalworking Lathe

Our new Clarke metal wokring latheA Clarke metalworking lathe with milling head has been kindly donated to us. After a bit of cleaning and servicing we'll have it up and running in no time.

It comes complete with various tools and accessories and should be a very useful addition to our workshop.

Harvey Fabrication have also kindly donated a pile of steel bars and billets for us to practice with.