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Welcome to the Lincoln Hackspace

Lincoln's Community Workshop: Run by Members, For Members.

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Welcome to Lincoln Hackspace - part of the growing community of Hackspaces in the UK.

Based in Lincoln, UK (naturally!) - we aim to aid those interested in taking things apart to see how they work, then putting them back together for other interesting uses.

We have members with experience in many different technical aspects, from Electronics, 3D Printing, Lasers (LAZORS!), Injection moulding, Arduino and PIC projects, and CNC Construction, through to Materials Fabrics, Screen printing and many more besides. We share knowledge in and around the fundamental tenet of Hacking: Being prepared to take something apart to understand what it does and how it does it.

If you need to make it, mend it or modify it - Lincoln Hackspace is the place to be!

Lincoln hackspace commnity workshopWhere and When

The Lincoln Hackspace is located on the ground floor of the Pelican Trust at 20-22 Crofton Road (Allenby Industrial Estate). It is accessible to members every day when the Trust is open, and otherwise by arrangement with one of our nominated keyholders.

Open Evenings

We also currently meet up every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm until 10.30pm.*

Feel free to come along and see what we're up to.

(*Cakes subject to availability.)